about the journal

It may be that there is no want of ways and means to bring about the external exposition of latest faculties, yet when a certain classical faculty on the point of blooming wants recognition, it is just ink and pen that has again and again appeared to the basic mode to the civilized society with similar efforts the auspicious beginning of this journal 'Prabaha' has taken place. We have welcomed multifarious subjects like Bengali, English, Education, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, History etc. in this journal. Nowadays in any research work, much importance is being attached with interdisciplinary subjects and their internal analytic dimensions. In this journal there will be opportunities for the incitement of thoughts on mutual different subjects and exchange of outlook. Since it is an e-journal and at the same time it is a Pear Reviewed Journal by the experts, it is expected that it will offer a different dimension to the writers of different subjects. This journal will offer every one of us necessary time to observe thoroughly our originality and creative thoughts for search.

Just in similar manner this ISSN journal will provide the teachers, researchers and educationists more sharp perspectives for the development in their spheres of education. Prabaha will go ahead through its own system with different subjects and different dimensions. This time Rabindranath is the subjects of the e-journal published in Bengali.

Call for Papers

Prabaha- ekti antosrinkhalamulok e patrika is targeted to a large audience including students and young researchers of diverse disciplines. All prospective authors are cordially invited to contribute their original research papers to the editorial board. While preparing and submitting your article, please follow the instructions given in the ‘Guide to Authors’ and ‘Submit your paper’. For enquiry or any clarification you may contact with the editorial board via. E-mail address prabahaejournal@gmail.com        

Supports Open Access

The journal supports open access. Access to any paper in the journal is free. The college authority bears all costs in publishing the journal keeping in view need of students and young researchers.


Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Soma Bhattacharya
Associate Editor : Dr. Swapna Roy
Joint Editors : Dr. Tamasa Chatterjee, Tara Pramanik