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Innovation is the key to attain systematic progress and our College relentlessly strives towards quality cultivation, by acquainting the students with various approaches of academics. One such attempt is introducing B.Com in general stream (2010-11) in this college. It is a traditional branch of academics viewed with a modern updated approach dealing with human-social-economic relationship. As an applied field of discipline, studying B.Com at UG level and beyond is a much sought after academic choice of many students across India and around the globe. The studies can open up bright career options for an aspirant. As a subject it is both theoretical and practical. It involves calculation, accounting, project works and communication with society. As our students come from a semi urban or more specifically outskirts of the city, this opportunity to interact is very essential to build their confidence. As a course of study it is very flexible and interdisciplinary. The most important question that intrigues us is employment and for this B.Com stream offers various opportunities.

It also helps to develop entrepreneur skills among students through self-employment. The college named after Swami Vivekananda, aspires to uplift Indian women in such a manner that they are not only career- centric but value- centric. As Commerce is a contemporary subject, it will immensely benefit the students of this college. 


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