Our Future Plan

Goals are always set before and future always takes shape in the dreams of present. Necessarily we also have set several goals to be achieved in coming five years:-

Ø  Our first and fore-most goal is to construct a Women’s Hostel for our student.


Our College being a single non-government girls’ college in the district attracts students from interior villages and particularly from conservative family. There students have to commute a long distance daily which becomes too strenuous for them. Therefore a Women’s Hostel is not also our dream but also our urgent necessity. The main constraint in this regard is space for which we are in a constant search.


Ø  Our second target is to develop a Vocational Training Centre.

 In 2025 the average age of Indians will be 29, which will be the lowest all over the world. For this young India we need skill oriented training as we know “population” is a resource when it is properly trained to meet the demand of the country. Therefore vocational and management trainings set according to the demand of the market will certainly help to generate skilled workforce and a rich nation. And it is with the key essence of NEP too.

Ø  Our roadmap also includes Introduction of Postgraduate Course in English


Ø  Our another dream is to start a Teachers’ Training Institute for girls in evening section.

 For optimization of resource utilization and to help young graduates and post graduates as teaching is the favorite profession of the girls of our country.


Ø Our another dream is to construct an auditorium with a seating capacity of 1500 students.


This will enable us to address our students together at a time. Whenever we feel to do that to share our dreams and views with our students.

  • We are in real dearth of space, therefore we have a far reaching dream of a second campus with enough space where we will be able to host everything we bear in our dream but fail to materialise due to space crunch.