National Cadet Corps (NCC) Training :-

 NCC unit was established in this college in 1976. From the very beginning it was efficiently guided by Major Sabitri Ganguly, the then Lecturer in Defense Studies in Parnasree College Behala and NCC officer of that college as well. Thanks to Sabitridi who inspite of her busy schedule extended cooperation to our NCC unit to give it a long lease of life. Dr. Sujata Mukherjee, the then lecturer of Political Science took the charge of NCC in 1987 as a Caretaker and after a year Major Dr. Kaberi Banerjee was handed over the charge from her in 1988.

 NCC classes are held in the college on Saturday afternoon and Instructors would regularly visit the college to take classes both theoretical and practical. In their absence Dr. Kaberi Banerjee was the sole instructor and supervisor as well. Senior students also efficiently guided the juniors with Annual Training camp (ATC). Basic Leadership Camp (BLC), Republic Day (RD) camp, Delhi and Calcutta, Trekking etc.

 Our cadets joined almost all the camps after proving their competence through selection. A few of them attended Republic Day camp Delhi which was a very prestigious matter. They are Santwana Chakraborty, Priti Dutta, Jolly Bose, Monalisa Kotal and few others.  Sadhana Chatterjee received Best Cadet award in dance competition in Delhi R.D. camp. Recently in 2008 Monalisa Kotal was selected Right Guard of Honour of President Pratibha Patil. Trekking camp inspired a few of our cadets to venture for mountaineering. Cadets Debamita Majumdar and Malabi Das were foremost among them who successfully climbed the peaks of the Himalayan range. But unfortunately Malabi lost her life in the mountain on her way back from climbing a summit. Before going to her last adventure she contributed to our magazine an article about her experience in mountaineering.

 Another risky adventure was successfully attempted by Cadet Priti Datta who had to land on the ground with parachute from aeroplane. She was awarded with Governor’s award. A good many number of the then cadets have been established in different fields. Some have become teachers, Physical Education teachers or professionals in private sector, receptionist or front office staff in government or private sectors, receptionist or front office staff in hospitals or Aviation company. Some have managed to have a business of their own. Jolly Bose is now an interior decorator. Good trekker and dancer Debamita Majumdar is a long time news reader in DD Bangla T.V. channel. Among recent cadets Arundhati, Aditi and Monalisa got security service in CISF and Private agency.

 Our present NCC caretaker, Swantwana Chakraborty (Guha) also got appointed in JCI rank in NCC. But she could not avail of the chance as her workplace was in the remote area of Assam which was then politically surcharged. Now she looks after both NCC and NSS units of the college.

 NCC unit is functioning in our college uninterruptedly under the able guidance of Santana who is often assisted by the senior cadets like Pramita who conducts parade.

After a short period of withdrawal due to health reason Major Dr. Kaberi Banerjee has taken the charge of NCC unit again.

Recent Activities

  •  Recently this unit comprises of 110 cadets who actively takes part in various camps throughout the year.
  • In 2012 Anita Paul, Ayusmita Dasgupta and Moumita Mandi took part in Delhi Republic Camp.
  • Miss Pramita Dey joined Air India as a Security Officer in the year 2012.
  • In the year 2013 four of our students joined Police Force. Sampa Sardar and Chandrima Chokraborty joined Calcutta Police. Suparna Baidya and Susmita Das are serving West Bengal Police.  
  • Santana Guha, awarded as Best Lady ANO of NCC Group Headquarter, Kolkata during 2016-17

  It is true that nowadays students cannot get enough time to concentrate whole heartedly on NCC activities due to several reasons. The main reason is yearly examination system of the universities of West Bengal which bar students from attending important camps like R.D camp or BLC. Another reason is the keenness to attend job-oriented professional courses side by side with the curricular activities. But it is true at the same time that the NCC has a great educative value. It develops discipline, leadership quality, self confidence and integrity among the cadets which are keys to success in any kind of profession. So NCC training is necessary for the better future of the students and our college inspires the students to join NCC or NSS for their future benefit.