National Service Scheme (NSS):-

The aim of true education is to teach a man to live not only for him but also for others. It is necessary for him to learn, to identify himself with a larger life of the community – especially with the less fortunate section.

Radhakrishnan Commission, the first Education Commission after independence, recommended introduction of National Service in the academic institutions on a voluntary basis with a view to developing healthy contacts between the campus and the community. In 1960, at the insistence of Govt. of India, professor K.G. Saiyidain after studying National Service by students of other countries, submitted a report ‘National Service for the Youth’, which recommended the introduction of National Service Scheme (NSS) on a voluntary basis.

In view of the above, NSS unit of Vivekananda College for Women was always responsive to community development since 1978 and the students and teachers have actively participated in different community orientation programs. A unique step towards community development was taken in the form of Village Adoption by the NSS unit of the college in 1978 to 1985 under the able guidance of our respected senior teachers. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the NSS unit of the College had been inactive till 2002. After revival of the unit in 2002-2003, there was no looking back and the NSS unit of the College has been working with full vigour and mirth.

The NSS unit attached to our College (Vivekananda College for Women) undertakes programmes of different varieties to satisfy the needs of the College and locality and at the same time to involve the young NSS volunteers in solving problems of different dimensions. The following are a few of the regular activities that highlight the achievements of NSS of our college –

We hope that our NSS unit will march ahead devoting themselves to the enrichment of the community.


3.4.3  Number of extension and outreached Programmes conducted by the institution through NSS/ NCC/ Red Cross/ YRC etc., (including the programmes such as Swachh Bharat, AIDS awareness, Gender issues etc. and/or those organised in collaboration with industry, community and NGOs during the last five years
Name of the activityOrganising unit/ agency/ collaborating agency Name of the schemeYear of the activity 
Thal Sainik Camp
(TSC)at Darjeeling
Group HQ Kol-B NCC2.08.2017 to 13.08.2017
National Integration Camp
 (Kakinara ,A.P)
2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC5.10.2017 to 13.10.2017 
NIC ,Bardwan(Memary)Group HQ Kol-BNCC5.10.2017 to 13.10.2017
NIC,Udaypur2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC25.10.2017 to  5.11.2017
NIC,Delhi2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC25.10.2017 to 5.11.2017
NIC,Wrangal (A.P)2(B) Girls BNNCCNCC8.11.2017 to 15.11.2017
NIC,Rawurkella(Odisha)2(B) Girls BN NCCNCC4.11.2017 to 15.11.2017
Local Republic Camp (LRDC)Group HQ Kol-BNCC28.12.2017 to 27.01.2018
Vivak Bharati RallyNGO Vivek BharatiNCC7.01.2018
Governor Madel giving Ceremony at Governor houseGroup HQ Kol-BNCC7.02.2018
Kick Boxing TournamentKolkata PoliceNCC11.02.2018
Local Republic DayCU NSS CellNSS8.01.2017 to 27.1.2017
25 km race for PeaceLocal club( SOBADA BAGAN CLUB )NSS3/5/2017
World Environment DayVivekananda College for WomenNSS6/5/2017
Anti Drug Abuse DayCU NSS UnitNSS6/26/2017
Thalasemia test for 90 studentsVivekananda College for WomenNSS8/1/2017
Independence DayVivekananda College for WomenNSS8/15/2017
Bivak Mala on Ramkrishna Mission Golpark.Bivak Bharati SocietyNSS9/3/2017
Diabetes Screening and awareness campVivekananda college for WomenNSS11/16/2017
Health Awaerness,Polycystic Oveary test (PCOS)Vivekananda College for WomenNSS12/18/2017
Bivak Bharati rallyNGO Vivek BharatiNSS7.01.2018
Rally for “ Child Rights andprotection”Behala BodhayanNGONSS1/22/2018
Rabindra Jayanti celebrationVivekananda college for WomenNSS5/8/2018
Pre-RD-1, Kalyani2,(B) Girls BN NCCNCC22.09.2018 to
A joint certification of ceremony “Sukanya” 2017-18Kolkata policeNCC25.09.2018
NIC (National Intigration Camp) Panaghar,2(B) Girls BNNCCNCC1.10.2018 to 11.10.2018
Rock Climbing&Treking,GwaliorGroup HQ Kolkata-BNCC15.11.2018 to 27.11.2018
Army Attachment(Medical)at command hospital2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC7.01.2019 to18.01.2019
Advance Leadership Camp (ALC)Group HQ Kol-BNCC28.05.2019 to 08.06.2019
East zone Shooting Competition -12(B)Girls BN  NCCNCC21.05.2019 to 30.05.2019
Combined Annual Training Camp-12(B)Girls BN NCCNCC9.06.2019 to 18.06.2019
East zone Shooting Competition(Final)Group HQ KOL-BNCC24.07.2019 to 4.08.2019
Health awareness Progrmme (Thalassemia test)Vivekananda College for WomenNSS3.05.2018
International Yoga DayVivekananda college for Women               NSS21.06.2018
Environment Programme(Swachcha Bharat Aviyan)Vivekananda College for WomenNSS15.09.2018
Worlds AIDS DayVivekananda college for WomenNSS12/1/2018
23 Students participated Vivek Bharati rallyNGO  vivek Bharati Society NSS1/7/2019
National Youth Day celebrationVivekananda college for WomenNSS1/12/2019
Seminer attened at Balur Moth on Ramkrishna Dev BirthdayCU NSS CellNSS1/18/2019
Cancer Awaerness ProgrammeVivekananda College for WomenNSS8.02.2019
Special Camp at Dadpur Kishor Sangha club ,Amtala Vivekananda College For WomenNSS10/02/2019 TO 14/02/2019
Free Eye cheak up Camp (RPG Opticals)Vivekananda College for WomenNSS25.02.2019 to 28.02.2019
Rabindro jayanti CelebrationVivekananda college for WomenNSS5/8/2019
World Environment Day, Tree plantation programme Vivekananda College for WomenNSS5.06.2019
Swachha Bharat Aviyan
College neighbouring aera,Statue clining
Vivekananda college for WomenNSS6/6/2019
International Yoga Day celebrationVivekananda college for WomenNSS6/21/2019
Anti Drug Abuse DayVivekananda College for WomenNSS26.06.2019
East zone shooting competition 201910bengal BN NCCNCC24.06.2019 to 4.07.2019
Online Yoga Day2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC21.06.2019
Advance NIC Gujrat (EBSB)Gujrat ,Dadra and Nagar Haveli  Daman GroupNCC1.08.2019 to 
IGC Uttarpara31,Bengal BN NCCNCC26.8.2019 to
Sikkim-Namchi TrekDarjeeling & Sikkim GroupNCC13.9.2019 to 
Firing Capsule Class on PTS Range2(B) Girls BNNCCNCC18th,19th,20th 
February 2020
Inter Battalion competition (IBC)Group HQ Kolkata-BNCC7.8.2019 to
Online Poster making on COVID-19 AwarenessVivekananda College For WomenNCC12.03.2020
Vivek Bharati RallyNGO Vivek BharatiNCC7.01.2020
Advance NIC (Online EBSB)31,Bengal BN  NCCNCC30.6.2020 to 
5km Race for Peace (Pinkathan Rally)Private NGONSS1.08.2019
Durga Puja Traffic GuardKolkata PoliceNSS4th October to 8th October -2019
Observation of VigilenceAwaerness WeekVivekananda college for WomenNSS10/12/2019 TO 16/12/2019
Local Republicday camp CU NSS CellNSS28.12.2019 to 27.01.2020
Vivak Bharati RallyNGO Vivek BharatiNSS7.01.2020
Fit India Movement
Online Campaign
1Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2020
74 Independence DayVivekananda College
 for Women
Poster Making for Covid
Vivekananda College
 for Women
Webinar2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2020
Online SSB Capsule Course1 Air SquadronNCC2020
Online Constitution Day
19 Bengal Bn NCCNCC2020
NCC Day CelebrationNCC Group of HeadquartersNCC2020
Online Kargil Vijoy Dibas Celebration2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2020
Camp EBSB-124 Bengal Bn NCC
Online Atmanirbhar
Bharat Campaign
Group Headquarters
Tree Plantation Programme2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2020
Covid 19 awareness
2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2020
Independence Day
College for Women
Camp EBSB-11West Bengal and Gujrat directorateNCC2020
Institution DayGroup Headquarters
Camp EBSB-111West Bengal and
Rajasthan directorate
Local RD Camp2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
Netaji Birthday CelebrationVivekananda
College for Women
Republic Day CelebrationVivekananda
College for Women
Camp EBSB-VWest Bengal and
Rajasthan directorate
Atulya Ganga Mission
( Save Ganga)
21 Bengal Bn NCCNCC2021
Governor Medal Giving Ceremony in Governor HouseWest Bengal and Sikkim
CATC-KB-11(Day Camp)19 Bengal Bn NccNCC2021
Slogan Competition of Indian ArmyGroup Headquarters
World Environment DayGroup Headquarters
World No Tobacco DayGroup Headquarters
International Yoga DayGroup Headquarters
World Earth Day2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
World Blood Donar DAY2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
International Drugs Abuse Day2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
Kargil Vijay Diwas CelebrationGroup Headquarters
Tree Plantation Drive2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
World Cancer Awareness Day2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
CATC-KB-1V4 Air Squadron NCC
Jadavpur University
Camp EBSB-X11West Bengal and Rajasthan DirectorateNCC2021
NCC Day CelebrationGroup Headquarters
IGC , PRDC-1,11.Group Headquarters
DG Medal Giving Ceremony for Outstanding Performance of 2020-21Group Headquarters
Schedule-B Certificate Examination2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
Schedule-C Certificate Examination2 Bengal Girls Bn NCCNCC2021
Namchi Ravangla Trekking CampSikkim GroupNCC2021
Namchi Ravangla Treaking CampSikkim GroupNCC2021
National Handball Championship in DelhiNationalNCC2021
Kargil Vijay diwas celebrationGroup HQ  NCC Kol-BNCC22.07.2021
Tree Plantation2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC12.09.2021 
Independence Day CelebrationVivekananda College for WomenNCC15.08.2021
World Cancer awareness DayGroup HQ  NCC Kol-BNCC7.11.2021
Statue cleaning programmeVivekananda College for WomwnNCC26.07.2021
Arranged B Certificate examination2(B) Girls BN NCCNCC14.08.2021
Arranged C Certificate examination2(B) Girls BN NCCNCC8.08.2021
Online NCC DAY Celebration. Blood Donation.Group Hq NCC ,Kol-BNCC22.11.2021
Combined Annual Traing CampCATC-KB-IV4,Air Sqn NCCNCC12.11.2021 to 21.11.2021
Advance NIC  (On Line EBSB-XII)53,Bengal BN  NCCNCC24.11.2021 to 28.11.2021
DG Medal giving ceremonyGroup Hq Kol-BNCC22.07.2021
Derjeeling TrekingSikkim GroupNCC13.11.2021 to 19.11.2021
Namchi Rabangla TrekingDarjeeling GroupNCC19.11.2021 to 25.11.2021
National Youth WeeK Celebration2(B) Girls BN NCCNCC12.01.2022 TO 16.01.2022
Maker Sankranti   Celebration2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC14.01.2022
Netaji Birthday CelebrationVivekananda College for WomenNCC23.01.2022
Republic Day CelebrationVivekananda College for WomenNCC26.01.2022
Combined Annual Traing Camp (CATC-KB-II)2 Bengal BN NCCNCC1.02.2022 to 10.02.2022
Puneet Sagar AbhiyanGroup Hq,Kal-BNCC5.04.2022
World No Tobacco Day2(B)Girls BN NCCNCC31.05.2022
World Environment Day2(B) Girls BN NCCNCC5.06.2022
World Blood Doner DayGroup Hq ,Kal-BNCC14.06.2022
Thal Sainik Camp(TSC) –AsansolGroup Hq ,Kol-BNCC10.06.2022 to 20.06.2022
World Ocean Day4no Air Sqaudron(Jadevpur)NCC9.06.2022
Eak Bharat Sharst Bharat(EBSB-I)Hydrabed and Talengana DirectorateNCC13.06.2022 to 18.06.2022
74 Independence DayCelebretion Vivekananda college for WomenNSS8/15/2020
Covid-19 awaerness Poster making competitionVivekananda college for WomenNSS8/27/2021
World Environment DayVivekananda college for WomenNSS5/27/2021
International Yoga DayVivekananda college for WomenNSS6/21/2021
12TH January Youth Day celebration(Vivekananda Birthday)Vivekenanda college for WomenNSS1/12/2021
Thalassamia Test for 156 StudentsVivekananda college for WomenNSS11/18/2021
15 th Independence Day celebrationVivekananda college for WomenNSS8/15/2021
Swachha Bharat Aviyan,Theme Save WaterVivekananda College For WomenNSS12.03.2022
Worlds AIDS Day celebrationVivekananda college for WmenNSS12/1/2021
Cancer Awareness Programme by International Womens DayVivekananda College for WomenNSS3/8/2022

Reports :   https://www.vivekanandacollegeforwomen.org/naac_dvv/assets/naac_document/NSS.pdf