National Service Scheme (NSS):-

The aim of true education is to teach a man to live not only for him but also for others. It is necessary for him to learn, to identify himself with a larger life of the community – especially with the less fortunate section.

Radhakrishnan Commission, the first Education Commission after independence, recommended introduction of National Service in the academic institutions on a voluntary basis with a view to developing healthy contacts between the campus and the community. In 1960, at the insistence of Govt. of India, professor K.G. Saiyidain after studying National Service by students of other countries, submitted a report ‘National Service for the Youth’, which recommended the introduction of National Service Scheme (NSS) on a voluntary basis.

In view of the above, NSS unit of Vivekananda College for Women was always responsive to community development since 1978 and the students and teachers have actively participated in different community orientation programs. A unique step towards community development was taken in the form of Village Adoption by the NSS unit of the college in 1978 to 1985 under the able guidance of our respected senior teachers. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the NSS unit of the College had been inactive till 2002. After revival of the unit in 2002-2003, there was no looking back and the NSS unit of the College has been working with full vigour and mirth.

The NSS unit attached to our College (Vivekananda College for Women) undertakes programmes of different varieties to satisfy the needs of the College and locality and at the same time to involve the young NSS volunteers in solving problems of different dimensions. The following are a few of the regular activities that highlight the achievements of NSS of our college –

Internal Activities

  • Cleaning the college campus.
  • Postering to create awareness regarding various problems.
  • Maintaining medicinal garden.
  • Celebrating the special days such as World AIDS DAY on 1st December, World Environmental Day on 5th June, 23rd & 26th January, Youth Day on 12th January etc.
  • Organizing various cultural programmes in college campus.


External Activities

  • Participation in seminars organized by University of Calcutta & Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture.
  • Unit members are walking in different projects for the development of adopted slum.
  • Distributing bags and exercise books to the slum children.
  • They are active volunteers in the pulse polio campaigns.
  • The NSS unit regularly sponsors medical camps at various locations.
  • The unit members regularly teach the slum children and help in counseling sessions for drug and alcohol addicts.

An important function of National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) is “special camping programme”. The aim of this type of programme is to come into close contact with the society, and to participate in joint experience of the community life.

The unit is organizing special camps from the year 2008 – 2009. At the adopted slum of the college NSS unit at Charaktala, Behala, several activities were performed in January 2009. Keeping strict vigil on degrading environment, a plantation programme of medicinal plants and saplings in the neighborhood of the slum was successfully implemented. Training was imparted on tailoring and sewing among the under privileged women and all the necessary items were supplied to them a health camp was organized in collaboration with the Rotary Club and special emphasis was given on the cardiological diseases of the local people. E.C.G. was done without any charges and free medicine was distributed among the people. A discussion on female diseases and child diseases were organized in the form of interaction with the participants.

Sports and sit and draw were organized among the children and a special sports item was also organized for their parents. Prizes were distributed to all the participants.

Special camps were organized by the unit with the same enthusiasm in March 2010 and 2011, at Bhasa 14 no. Gram Panchayet and Basanti respectively. Apart from creating awareness programme on environment, planting saplings, and a relevant cultural programme, training was imparted on soft toy and bag making to hundred under – privileged women of the locality and all the necessary requirements were supplied to them.

The unit also organized an eye camp in collaboration with the Rotary Club (with a financial help of Rs. 5000/- for 10 critical patients and free spectacles to 25 patients) and a General Health Check up Camp (with free distribution of medicines to 50 patients). At Bhasa, an interesting session was held with the local children with the aim to teach them to protect their environment and a sit-and-draw contest was held.

In the year 2010, our NSS unit participated in a number of intra and inter-unit competitive programmes as a part of campaign of Commonwealth Games India – 2010. Our NSS coordinator and members of the unit, participated at various camps and trekking programmes, organized by NSS cell, University of Calcutta.

Students and staff of the college show earnest zeal in discharging social service like helping the poor or destitute for their medical treatment, victims of natural or national calamities or providing regular financial assistance to temporary sub-staff. Much of these activities go unrecorded. Some are mentioned below:

  • Very often teaching and non-teaching staff raise funds for medical treatment of an individual suffering from acute fatal diseases like heart disease, kidney failure etc.
  • In response to the national call to help the families of soldiers killed or disabled in Kargil war and victims of super cyclone and earth quake in Orissa and Gujrat respectively, the teaching , non-teaching staff and students raised funds, knitted pullovers and contributed those to the entrusted authority (Fort Williams for Kargil victims; West Bengal College and Teachers Association for super cyclone and Gujrat victims).
  • College students, teachers and non teaching staff collect cloths and donate for the flood victims regularly.
  • College student serve the visually impaired students of the neighbouring of Calcutta Blind School as well as of their own and other colleges by working as their writers in examinations.
  • Teachers and students buy stamps from Red Cross Society to help the tuberculosis patients and contribute to the fund of National Armed Forces to help the families of the disabled soldiers.

We hope that our NSS unit will march ahead devoting themselves to the enrichment of the community.


Recent Activities

  1. In 2011 Vivekananda College for Women was awarded Best Special Camp by NSS Unit of Calcutta University and our student Pramita Dey was awarded the Best Volunteer by the same unit.
  2. In the year 2012 and 2013 NSS co-ordinator Sm Santana Guha was awarded Best Programme Officer by NSS Unit of Calcutta University.
  3. In the year 2013 Vivekananda College for Women has been awarded the Best College and Anita Paul has been awarded the Best Volunteer by NSS Unit of Calcutta University.
  4. i) In 2009 NSS Unit of Calcutta University organized a Trekking and Mountaineering camp at Uttaarkashi where students of Vivekananda College for Women Suparna Mondal, Sumi Jana, Priyanka Pramanik and Susmita Pramanik participated as volunteers along with NSS Programme Officer Sm. Santana Guha of Vivekananda College for Women.

          ii) In the year 2010 NSS Unit of Calcutta University organized a Trekking Camp at Kulu-Manali where Sampa Sardar and Anita Paul  

             articipated as volunteers.

         iii) NSS Unit of Calcutta University also organized a Mega Camp in the same year 2010 at Delhi where Pramita Dey and Payel Ghosh

             participated as volunteers.

       5.In the year 2011 Youth Festival was organized by Government of Rajasthan at Udaipur where students of Vivekananda College for

          Women Pramita Dey, Payel Ghosh, Krishna Nandi participated as volunteers and represented NSS Unit of Calcutta University.

       6.  In the year 2012 NSS Unit of Calcutta University organized a Mountaineering & Water Sports Camp at Shimla where Paramita Dey and

            Dipa Adhikary along with Programme Officer Sm. Santana Guha had to trek from Hutcoty Shimla to Chansel pass.

       7.   In the same year 2012 NSS unit of Calcutta University organized a Republic Day Camp at Delhi where Anita Paul participated as a


       8. Three students were invited to take part in Delhi Republic Camp in 2012-13.