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The Department of English is equipped with a number of facilities that helps students to
achieve to their best potential.
The classroom, Room no 16, is ICT enabled, which is used in enhancing the learning
experience of the students. The English department is equipped with classrooms designed to
inspire learning and creativity. These well-lit, spacious rooms are equipped with modern
technology, facilitating dynamic and interactive lectures.
The students can access internet enabled computers that can help them in their studies,
project work and gathering study materials.
The Department of English is proud to maintain a seminar library which serves as an
intellectual oasis for students and faculty alike. Nestled within the heart of the department,
this cozy and well-appointed space is a treasure trove of literary knowledge. With its
meticulously curated collection of books, and reference materials, the seminar library
provides a haven for in-depth research, scholarly discussions, and collaborative learning. It's
a place where literature enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the rich fountain of English
language and literature, fostering a vibrant intellectual community within the department.
In the English department, we pride ourselves on maintaining an intimate and highly
favorable teacher-student ratio. With a commitment to fostering personalized learning
experiences, our department ensures that students benefit from close interactions with
dedicated professors. This low ratio allows for meaningful one-on-one discussions,
mentorship, and individualized guidance, enriching students' academic journeys. This unique
aspect of our department contributes to the success and growth of our students.
Departmental activities
The Department of English is a hub of intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment
through its diverse range of departmental activities. the students benefit from engaging
classes and lectures that explore the depths of literary and linguistic knowledge. The
department regularly hosts extension lectures featuring renowned scholars and experts,
providing the students with exposure to research and contemporary discourse in the field.
In addition, student seminars are a vital component of the department's activities, allowing
our students to present their research and engage in critical discussions with peers and
faculty. Furthermore, thought-provoking film screenings that complement our academic
curriculum, are hosted on a regular basis, fostering a holistic understanding of literature and
visual storytelling. These activities collectively create a vibrant and dynamic learning
environment that nurtures a passion for English language and literature. The English
department actively participates in a community outreach program on a regular basis, aiming
to connect our academic expertise with the broader community for promoting social
awareness, inculcating social values among the students.
Best practices
The Department of English has embraced a range of best practices to enhance the academic
experience. Student seminars empower the learners to hone their research and presentation
skills, nurturing a culture of active engagement and knowledge dissemination. Additionally,

the alumni mentorship programs bridge the gap between academia and the professional
world, offering guidance on both academic and non-academic career paths. These initiatives
not only enrich the students' educational journeys but also provide them with valuable
support and insights for their future endeavors.
Student Progression
The English Department follows both a curated syllabus oriented and peripheral and
contextual knowledge gathering process, the students mostly opt for master degree in the
subject. Few of them also opt for B.Ed Programs and other professional courses.
Teaching Learning methods in English Department
At the undergraduate level in the English department, a student-centric approach to teaching
and learning is employed. Our pedagogy emphasizes interactive classroom discussions, close
reading of texts, making projects and posters to instigate critical thinking and communication
skills. Students are encouraged to explore diverse literary genres and periods while
integrating modern technology and digital resources into our curriculum. The goal is to equip
undergraduates with a strong foundation in English studies, nurturing their analytical abilities
and passion for literature.

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